About NuLight CBD

NuLight CBD

NuLight CBD is established and manufactured in the first town in the first state Lewes, DE. It is also the first energy enhanced nano CBD product. Our patent pending ensures all of our proprietary formulas are produced with NuLight's innovative technology.

We focus on giving you optimal potency and bio availability, using nothing but the best organic full spectrum hemp oil and combined with pharmaceutical medical grade MCT oil and USDA approved essential oils to provide you with an unsurpassed delivery.

Our CBD distillate is sourced form certified farmers and is tested by a third party lab.
All of our carrier oils and essentials oils are organic USDA approved.

How It Works-

We have a complex series of receptors throughout our body and brain that create a chain reaction of cell regulation known as the endocannabinoid system (ECS). It is known to bring harmony and balance to our systems and is only fed by cannabinoids. Since this substance is difficult to obtain and not often used in our daily diet, it is vital to use a supplement that can give you the recommended daily dose of cannabinoids to ensure your ECS has the energy it needs to keep the rest of your systems running at optimal performance. Our entire system is connected to our ECS and since all formulas are lower than 60nm which is lower than the blood/brain barrier which is 120-200nm so all systems can benefit from the use of our energy enhanced Nano-sized CBD oil.
Anton Broadhurst -

I have been an activist in the cannabis industry for the past 10 years, both locally and nationally. During that time I have seen the CBD industry grow and rise with it a surplus of fluff and cookie cutter products. As a true believer in earth based products and the benefits of hemp, I've committed Nulight CBD to unlocking the full potential of CBD with both ancient and cutting edge technologies.


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