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About Our Salmon Spray

-Nu Light’s dedication to potency and bioavailability extends through our human family and on to our extended one. Our pets, who we all love, can benefit from engaging the endocannabinoid system in many of the same ways that we can. 

-Nu Light’s patented technology is used to combine Quality Salmon oil imported from Iceland and our custom CBD distillate to create a delicious way for your pets to engage their endocannabinoid system.  It is important to take an individualized approach when deciding your pet’s dosage. Below you will find a dosage chart. 

-Note that as physical and mental levels vary in severity and therefore should be considered when choosing a low, med, or high.

* Pets’ Under 10 LBS Should Not Ingest more than .25ml of Spray at One time. This is due to the size of their stomach, if a large amount of oil is ingested into a comparatively sized small stomach it will upset the stomach and, in some cases, cause severe vomiting.
*If a pet is showing these symptoms please call vet or poison control.


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